Name Year Name Breed HH Winnings
Sir Real Sir Real 1999 (Clavecimbal) Dutch warm blood Gelding 16.3 Represented Great Britain at Vidauban CDI 1 and 2 Hartpury CDI in 2011, Vierzon CDI in 2012 and Pompadour and Vierzon CDIs in 2013. Competed successfully at Inter 2 and Grand Prix.
Ballebo Ballebo 2001 (Crelido) Danish warm blood Mare 16.3 Former 5 and  6 year old national finalist novice elementary and medium music national finalist. Competed successfully at Advanced level. 
Divine Inspiration 2003 (Demonstrator) Hannovarian GB Gelding 16.1 Former novice music, 6 year old national finalist elementary music national finalist (7th) 2011, Medium music finalist 2012, advanceed medium music finalist 2013. Currently Winning at Prix St Georges and Inter 1.
divine intervention Divine Intervention 2005 (Demonstrator) Hannovarian GB Gelding 16.1 Novice regional finalist 2010 - 2011 6 year old national finalist 2011. Medium National finalist in 2013.
Tinka Tayla 2002 (Tinkers Boy) AES Gelding 18.1 Novice open national finalist 2011, Elementary music finalist 2012 and Medium regional finalist 2013, 2014.